Van Helsing Timeline

First of all - the dates given in this movie do not really add up, so this timeline is a patched version. If the dates aren't as given in the movie or weren't given at all you will find a note in the third column. Clicking upon it will tell you more about why I listed this entry on this particular date. Additionally some dates from my fanfic universe are added as well, those are marked with an a/n for author's note.

This is by no means complete - feel free to correct or contribute.

Dr. Frankenstein finds a new sponsor for his work in Count Dracula.
73-A.D.Gabriel fought against the Romans by
1422Vladislaus was born.
1437Valerious, the Elder brings Gabriel to his family estate.a/n 1
1462Gabriel murdered Vladislaus.
1464The scroll with the insignia from Van Helsing ring is left in Rome with the Knights of the Holy Order.note 1
1465Valerius, the Elder banishes Dracula to the icy fortress after realisng that he can't vanquish his son.note 2
1488Valerious, the Elder leaves the scroll with the insignia with the Holy Oder in Rome.
1490The Devil gives Dracula wings to leave his prison and roam the earth again.note 3
1490Vladislaus kills his fathera/n 1
1512Verona and Vladislaus meet for the first time.a/n 2
1788The last vampire in Transylvania was killed (presumptously by a member of the Valerious family)
1876Carl began his work on the light bomb.
1887The mob sets out to lynch Dr. Frankenstein who just managed to bring the Monster to life.
1887Voris Valerious is killed by Dracula while attempting to use him as the key to the life machine.

Events in the Year 1888
08/22Van Helsing confronts and kills Mr. Hyde in Parisnote 4
09/04Jinette gives Gabriel new instructions after his return from the Vatican. Carl and Van Helsing begin their journey to Transylvania.
10/09Van Helsing arrives in Anna's Village. Marishka is destroyed. In the night of the full moon they confront Dracula who is using Velkan to bring his children to life for a short time.note 4
10/10After being unconcious for a short time, Gabriel and Anna meet the Frankenstein Monster.
10/11Organising the coaches and stakes for the big chase.
10/12The coach chase takes place in the Carpatian mountains. Verona is killed.note 5
10/30Gabriel, Carl and the Monster arrive in Budapest were they meet Aleera.
10/31The Masquerade Ball takes place
11/07The night of the next full moon, the characters reach Castle Frankenstein and later that day discover the doorway to Castle Dracula inside the Valerious Mansion.
11/08Gabriel lights up Anna's corpse and he and Carl ride back home.


note 1:

In 1888, Jinette actually said, Our story begins 450 years ago when a Transylvanian knight named Valerious the Elder promised God that his family would never rest nor enter heaven until they vanquished Dracula from their line. Thus, the actual date would be 1438 - but that would not make any sense. At this point Vladislaus was only 16 and hadn't yet made a pact with the devil.Therefore I changed the year to 1466, two years should have given Valerious the time to realise what his son has become.

note 2:

The exact date was never given, but it would make sense that Valerious would attempt to destroy Dracula as quickly as possible and just as soon realise that he is not able to do so himself. As the remaining family probably felt the same the banishment sort of makes sense.

note 3:

It would make sense that the devil freed Dracula from the icy prison only after Valerious the Elder has surrendered the key to Dracula's lair to people who had no clue what it was.

note 4:

These dates are set of course deliberately, but based on the cycle of the moon. In Paris we see that the next full moon is about three weeks away, but in order to travel to Rome and from Rome to the Carpathian mountains Gabriel would need more time. Especially since there was no need for Gabriel to hurry back to the Vatican, as he had just completed his task. Thus, I came up with the date for the full moon when Velkan is used for the experiment.

note 5:

Having set the times necessary to create the four weeks passing from the finale to the first on screeen confrontation betweeen Dracula and Gabriel in Castle Frankenstein that left me with roughly three weeks between the discovery of Frankenstein and the arrival in Budapest. Calculating with roughly three weeks on foot from where they are stranded in the Carpathian mountains to Budapest is not that far fetched.

Author's Notes

author's note 1:

So far nothing has been mention in any of the fanfics, but it is part of the background story I mentioned.

author's note 2:

Mentioned in the fanfic "With all my heart" which is about how Dracula met Verona.