Fanfiction involving the Vampires from the movie Van Helsing

I'm currently looking for a simple link recommendation script, but so far I would like to mention that you are welcome to upload all your Van Helsing fanfiction, involving the vampires and/or Original Characters, on Forbidden Fruits Archive which is also run by me, Barbayat.
This fanlisting is not soley for Van Helsing Fanfiction, so unfortunately stories involving just Gabriel won't be permitted unless, the story contains vampires (as acting characgters, not just as reference) or an original character who is an important part of the story.

If you want me to list stories here, please supply:

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The story recommendations (unsorted for now)

Dark MattersBarbayat
Complete: NoRating:Hot Stuff
Genre(s): Drama, ConflictPairing(s):het
Short Summary:
180 years after the movie, Dracula only recently re-generated reaches L.A., the last remaining city on earth. Ruled by the ruthless mage Lace who offers Dracula help to get the last of the werewolf venom out of his veins and restore him to power. Can Dracula trust the mage? The Count certainly has a lot to learn ...
First part of a planned trilogy, in part 2 Gabriel will also enter the picture and part 3 will deal with the two enemies in the future and the past. Don't know how much slash will be there, but definitely some het, between Dracula and the two new brides he will make and also some pairings with original characters.