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Interview with Silvia Colloca

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The film Van Helsing

John More: Hi Silvia, you have an important role in the Hollywood film “Van Helsing”, can you tell me the synopsis of it?

Silvia Colloca: Set in the 19th Century, monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is summoned to a mysterious land in East Europe to vanquish evil. And evil has a name: Dracula (Richard Roxburgh).
The Count and his three blood thirsty brides (Silvia Colloca, Josie Maran and Elena Anaya) will stop at nothing to pursue their purpose: To procreate by stealing the secret of life from the Frankenstein monster. Assisting Van Helsing is Princess Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale), the heiress of a family who has been committed to hunting down Dracula and his brides for 400 years. And yet, her brother too, Prince Velkan Valerious (Will Kemp) is doomed by a terrible curse that brutally changes his features every full moon…
Van Helsing has to destroy the evil that inhabits these ancient lands before darkness engulfs the world.

John More: How much time did it take to shoot the film?

Silvia Colloca: Shooting was never ending! We commenced principal photography January 2003 until the end of June, blue screen post production in October-November and ADR (voice dubbing) January 2004!

John More: Describe the aspects of the film you found most enjoyable and the most scaring one?

Silvia Colloca: We had great fun during filming! It was hard indeed, 4 o’clock am pick up and shooting in freezing cold Prague, but everybody was very light spirited and motivated. I guess the cold was the only down side.

John More: How would you expect the public reaction after seeing the film “Van Helsing”?

Silvia Colloca: I think the audience will love it or hate it! It is a very specific kind of movie in that it features Dracula, Frankenstein and the Werewolf all together. There are very sensitive fans that will love it and others that will not approve. Nevertheless, it is bound to be next summer’s blockbuster!!...I hope!

The role of Silvia Colloca in the film

John More: Explain me about your role in the film?

Silvia Colloca: I was so excited when I was offered to play this role! I have always been fascinated by the Dracula mythology and along with my dear Uncle Gianni (God bless him) I have watched every single Dracula movie ever made. I guess it was destiny!
When I went in for the screen test I knew what Steven Sommers was after and I gave it to him.
So, it was not too hard to enjoy my character during filming and make it my own. Also, for the first time the brides have a specific role in the plot, they are not just beautiful models on display, and that was really interesting.
Verona is Dracula’s first bride, she leads the younger sister brides while hunting and will do anything to see her children live. She also incarnates the “Goth” that the Dracula mythology is famous for. In some ways she is the female version of Dracula himself.

John More: How did you feel to be the bride of Dracula?

Silvia Colloca: As far as what it felt like to be Dracula’s bride… well I did pretty well considering that Richard Roxburgh (Dracula) and I are getting married in September!!!

John More: Stephen Sommers has also being the writer-director of “The Mummy”, “The Mummy Returns” and now “Van Helsing”. How did you feel to be directed by him? And can you also give me an example of one advice that the director Stephen Sommers gave to you?

Silvia Collica: Being directed by Stephen was really great. He is like a child on Christmas eve, excited, curious and really open to changes. I loved the atmosphere he managed to create on set.
The best direction he gave was to distinguish Verona from the other brides by being less “loud” as if (His words) “She has been around far too long to be bothered by things like crucifix or so.”
Of course when she transforms into a human - like bat, she is a fiercesome animal and that is a different story… I look so scary!

John More: How was it working with Hugh Jackman, Richard Roxburgh, Kate Beckinsale and the rest of the staff?

Silvia Colloca: The cast was great fun to work with, of course with a special mention for Dracula! Hugh Jackman is a sweetheart and Kate Beckinsale was really professional on set, which I really appreciated.
I made friends with Will Kemp (The Wolfman) and his lovely wife and I have to say the three brides had plenty of fun together in Prague!

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