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This fansite is mainly about Vladislaus Dragulia, but also about those immortals who shared some history with him: Gabriel, Verona, Marishka and Aleera.

This is a place for fans, where you find fanstuff, infos and everything else I and other fans who contribute to this site could think about.

Updates for the site

Take a look at the fanlistings for their individual last update date.

Icons Archive running

Posted Mar 18, 2008. Leave a comment?

Installed codesort so people can upload their icons directly. Uploaded Icons donated by Anukk (the webmisstress of the now closed Hollow fansite for Roxula) and Iceheart the most dedicated Vladislaus/Gabriel shipper on the internet ;)

More donations are always welcome—feel free to share!

Eternal Hunger is online

Posted Mar 15, 2008. Leave a comment?

The first basic layout along with the Count Vladislaus Dragulia fanlisting is up and running. As soon as I got done with some nasty real-life stuff, work on this fansite will continue.

Plans are:
Get a avatar / icon archive on soley for Van Helsing were everyone can participate
Improve the layout for the site / fanlisting
Transfer the other fanlisting along with the extras
More blends, more infos and other goodies for fans

Applied for Roxula

Posted Jan 25, 2008. Leave a comment?

As sad as a removal of a fanlisting with so many members is—I’m totally excited about the chance to apply for this fanlisting. It would be awesome if I could open the fansite in February with the official fanlisting, if not hmm since the members start from scratch anyway, I probably open an unofficial one—after all few people seem to really stay hooked on characters from older movies (with 4 years being very, very old already) and I want Roxula to have a permanent fanlisting.

New Icons thx Iceheart

Posted Dec 22, 2007. Leave a comment?

Uploaded three beautiful Gabriel Van Helsing icon donations from Iceheart

Marishka has a new fanlisting

Posted Aug 16, 2007. Leave a comment?

Finally I finished the listing for Dracula’s middle bride—portrayed by the gorgeous Josie Maran. If any problems arise feel free to contact me, but I think the colors are easy to read and not to annoying on the eyes—I know pink is more Aleeras color but I found it fitting nonethelesse. Join Salacious Tease if you are a fan

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