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This fansite is mainly about Vladislaus Dragulia, but also about those immortals who shared some history with him: Gabriel, Verona, Marishka and Aleera.

This is a place for fans, where you find fanstuff, infos and everything else I and other fans who contribute to this site could think about.

Updates for the site

Take a look at the fanlistings for their individual last update date.

New Gallery & donated fanart

Posted May 28, 2008. Leave a comment?

Actually I just wanted to upload the fanart, but ended up installing a cool gallery script which is really awesome as it is light and includable (is that a proper word?)

Can’t wait to get a properly working computer to follow up some ideas.

New Wallpaper added

Posted May 27, 2008. Leave a comment?

I’m a bit busy at the moment, so I only added one new wallpaper, with a Verona/Dracula theme. Also got some donations, which I will add soon, as soon as I cleared something up ;)

New Layout up, Fanlistings transferred

Posted May 17, 2008. Leave a comment?

As you might have noticed, the corridor like layout is gone and the new one is greenish and not width fixed. Also I made a new layout for the Dracula and Verona fanlisting, deciding that it would look better to give each fanlisting their unique looks rather than include them in the fansite layout.

There are a few minor things to sort out, but for now everything is up and running. Fine details will be dealt with after I got some sleep and hopefully less headaches.

There is also two new pages, fanfiction and fanvideos. Which I try to update as well as I can, but especially for the fanficiton part I need recommendations from other fans.

Content Update

Posted Apr 3, 2008. Leave a comment?

Did some content updates for this site, including the transfer of the Verona fanlisting, decided it had now enough features so people could take a look at it.

But that is by no means everything, more will come and certainly this month. I’m so on a roll, including working on the fanfictions. But real life is quite stressful, too and needs some more attention for the remaineder of the week.

Some polishing done

Posted Mar 25, 2008. Leave a comment?

Uploaded a few new icons I made, re-worked the layouts and made a couple of buttons for Vladislaus. Still there is a lot to be done, but I hope to get all the fanlistings transfered within a week. At the moment I am still wondering how I will deal with the extras …

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