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This fansite is mainly about Vladislaus Dragulia, but also about those immortals who shared some history with him: Gabriel, Verona, Marishka and Aleera.

This is a place for fans, where you find fanstuff, infos and everything else I and other fans who contribute to this site could think about.

Updates for the site

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New Layout for the Gabriel/Dracula Relationship FL

Posted Nov 10, 2011. 1 comment.

Looking through my fanlistings I stumbled upon this and realised that the old layout was really old and that did not like it anymore. So even though I should do something else … I took the time to make a new one.

I think it was worth the time and effort, it is a lot prettier than the old one: http://eternal.bloody-fangs.org/drabriel

Aleera fanlisting now part of Eternal Hunger

Posted May 10, 2010. Leave a comment?

After the old Aleera fanlisting was removed from the Fanlistings Network, I applied and was approved.

So please join again and show your love for our count’s youngest bride.

Vladislaus and Marishka are stocked up

Posted Sep 14, 2009. Leave a comment?

I even made some more 75×50 codes for Dracula, can you believe he had only one? Me neither, so I corrected that.

Still need to make codes for Gabriel and the relationship between our two favourite enemies who were once friends and even maybe more …

Verona has her buttons back

Posted Sep 13, 2009. Leave a comment?

Still lots and lots of codes to upload but Verona is one of the listings that got its codes back.

Vladislaus and Marishka will get theirs back soon as well. For Gabriel and Drabriel I still got only Anja’s old codes, so I will focus on making new additional ones soon.

New Milestone!

Posted Aug 21, 2009. Leave a comment?

Today the fanlisting for the relationship between our beloved Count Dracula and the gorgeous Gabriel Van Helsing got its 80th member!

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